New protocols and policies in depth

Both therapist and clients are required to wear a mask (or face shield) at all times.  Please bring your favorite mask to wear.  If you do not have one, I will supply you with one to use.

A hand sanitizing station has been added at the entrance.

Therapist will wash hands on arrival at work, before and after each client, after touching mask, before and after eating, after using the restroom and before leaving work.

Clients will be required to sanitize their hands when entering the building and before leaving.

Lobby area is “closed”, water dispenser will not be available for use.  I will supply a water bottle for each client should they want one.

Therapist will wear gloves for the duration of the massage.

All self-serve items have been removed such as, water bottles, candy dishes, sample items.

A HEPA air purifier has been added and will be in operation for the duration of your treatment.

A nonpermeable vinyl cover has been added above the layer of the heating pad, below the layer of the bottom sheet to the massage table allowing for both a heated treatment and the ability to sanitize completely between each client.

Porous client chair has been removed and replaced with a nonporous one so that it can be sanitized with approved EPA cleaners.

A plastic runner has been added from client chair to the massage bed to allow for sanitization of floor area that clients utilize with bare feet.

Hinged door garbage can has been replaced with a lidded, foot pedal operated garbage can and will be emptied at the end of each day.

Before and after each client the following will occur:

All surfaces, doorknobs, light fixtures, switches, bare foot floor area, chairs, stools, tables, massage table and face cradle, bolsters, oil bottles, point of sale items, etc. will be cleaned and sanitized with an EPA approved cleaner and will be used according to manufacturer’s specifications.

All linens will be changed including blankets between each client and stored in lidded and lined hamper.

Therapist will change apron between each client.

Bathrooms will be sanitized after each client.